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Hunter Hayes Brings Out New Songs at House Of Blues


Hunter Hayes may have been quiet for a while with noticeably no new material hitting the airwaves. But, if you know Hayes, and how talented the singer & songwriter is, it was no small wonder that he had something in the works.

What Hayes had been working on is his new material that was released late last year and will be a part of his upcoming fourth studio album. The new stuff is definitely a creative move forward for the 25-year-old. The first of the new material is  “Yesterday’s Song,” which hits the mark. Partly because he just let go, and let the music flow.

“I’ve been learning how to let go and just let the process be — not overthinking every little thing, which is something I’m really good at,” Hayes admits.

“I’ve been experimenting with new sounds and stretching myself creatively more than ever before and just embracing life, which I think you can really hear in these songs.”

Some of the other new material includes “Amen,” which relates that even when you feel battered and bruised there is that one person that helps to lift you up. And, “Youngblood,” that adds a rock sound to the song with guitar riffs and lyrics that add a touch of the reckless with shades of Bonnie & Clyde.

The CMA Award winner will be sure to perform his new songs along with his hits like “Wanted,” “Somebody’s Heartbreak” and “I Want Crazy” when he performs at the House of Blues in Cleveland on Friday, April 21. And, who knows, he may have something else in the works too.

Hunter Hayes will be performing at the House of  Blues in Cleveland on Friday, April 21 along with special guest Jackie Popavec of The Vindy’s. Showtime is 8pm. Tickets are $39-$55 and are available at

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