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Jelly Roll Catches Thrown Joint, Smokes It On Stage


It’s no secret that Jelly Roll likes to partake in smoking some marijuana and while in Maine on his Backyard Baptism Tour 2023, he not only enjoyed some of the state’s finest offerings, but did it on stage after catching a joint thrown from a fan.

The Sold Out concert was held at the Maine Savings Amphitheater in Bangor and Jelly Roll was talking about his love for the state and a vacation to “Vacationland” with his wife, Bunnie XO. And, among other things he loves about Maine, their high quality green buds. He even gave a shout out to a local cannabis company that the crowd appreciated and applauded.

Later during the concert, fans started throwing recreational-legal drugs on to the stage. But when Jelly Roll started to talk about the nationwide decriminalization of marijuana, especially in his home state of Tennessee, the crowd erupted in agreement.

As Jelly Roll continued his conversation with the audience, a joint was sent towards the stage and Jelly Roll snatched it with ease, and then confessed to the crowd. “If someone didn’t video that, I’m gonna hate y’all forever! Please, that was the coolest catch I’ve ever had… Stoner reflexes, baby!”

After that, he nonchalantly lit up the joint and finished his conversation to the crowd.

Thankfully, many in the crowd were filming him at that moment. You can watch the video shared from Tik Tok below.

@mirfish434 Jelly roll catching a joint on stage in Bangor, ME, he did NOT disappoint! Thank you for coming to visit us mainers, and pleaze come again soon!! 😍🤘🏼🖤 #jellyrollconcert #jellyroll #bangormaine #mainesavingsampitheater #maine #fyp ♬ original sound – Mir

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