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Julia Neville talks about Survivor EP


Julia Neville has been making great strides in her country singing career since 2015 when she traveled to Nashville and recorded her single, “Six Strings are Hard on Diamond Rings.” The song was met with great reviews and helped to earn her the “Young Country Single of the Year Award” from the NTCMA (National Traditional Country Music Association). Since then the Logan, Ohio based singer has performed in Nashville at such legendary clubs as Tootsie’s, The Full Moon Saloon, Nashville Palace and many more.

The singer has heartfelt stories to share about her own life and uses her music to relay the sentiments to her fans. Earlier this year she released her first EP, Survivor. The five-song collection shows off an eclectic mix of music from Neville on songs that deliver the message of not succumbing to the bad things that can happen in someone’s life.

We had a chance to talk to Neville about the new release and some of the stuff that inspires her to make the music she does.

How is the new EP doing?

“This is our very first EP and it’s going so amazing! I never thought I would hear people listening to it like I did this last show at our local brewery here in Hocking Hills! This amazing lady was leaving and had it cranked up singing every word!”
“That is what it’s about for me! Encouraging people with music in the midst of this crazy life!
I was honored to be played on WLOH (Lancaster, Ohio) and other radio stations like WSEO (Nelsonville, Ohio). Hearing my songs on the radio melts my heart!”

You released a single before, is the new recording reminiscent of that single?

“No, with the new music I wanted to show the different sides of my voice! Their are so many songwriters out there that don’t sing and I wanted to make their dream come true by singing their song that I really liked! When I listen to some albums today by the third song they all sound the same to me! I wanted to share different styles of music on this EP! I pray people enjoy it as much as I do!”

What did you learn from that first recording that made you more prepared to take on this new EP?

“I have learned so much from my first recording! I actually wrote a song this time! I was so excited to have written a song about something that has been so tough for me in my life and to complete it in the studio was VERY emotional!”
“It has been very healing as well! To share something so tough and reach out to other woman whom have been through the same thing and to encourage them to keep going has been a huge blessing to me! I’m excited to keep learning!”

Who wrote the songs for the new EP?

“Mitchell Kirkpatrick and I wrote my song “Survivor.” “Trade It In” means so much to me because my good friend Shane Grove wrote this song with Erik Westfall, David Wade, Rick Dean and David Latto. “Mistake” was written by Keith Veron & Edie Otterstad; “Cowman” was written by William Paul Cook and “Almost” was written by Kenny Lamb.”

Where did you record the tracks?

“I recorded the tracks with the most amazing producer! His name is Mike Schrimpf from SMS Studios! We work very well together! I really enjoy his encouragement throughout the process! It means a lot!”

What is your favorite song from the new EP?

“My favorite song would have to be “Survivor.” It was the first song I wrote and I really relate to a lot of woman whom have went through the same abuse and we are able to heal together by sharing each others stories! It’s amazing! I’m so blessed to be able to share this with others to help them to heal as well!”

What are some big things you have happening this summer on and off stage?

“Off stage health and nutrition. I am really excited, I hired a personal trainer and we have been working hard to get me back where I was in my health! Charity events for cancer awareness and humanitarian aid. These events are very dear to my heart and know we are all not alone in this and want to encourage people through these difficult times! I wanted to stop living and I want to go out there and tell people they matter and they are so important! Keep going, I promise it will get better!” “Potential tour in 2018, really excited for this!”

Where can people find out more about Julia Neville and see her schedule?
You can find me at and send me a message and let’s talk! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting to know my fans! THIS is why I do it! To encourage people through song no matter what is going in their life and I really love to talk to my fans!”

Where can people get the new EP?
“People can send me a private message on my personal or Julia Neville Music page on Facebook and I will personally sign a CD and send it out to you! You can also download it on iTunes, CDBaby, etc.”

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