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Local Band Spotlight: The DeVault Ridge Band

Name of Band/Act: The DeVault Ridge Band

When did band form: 2012

Members: Dan DeVault – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar; Amanda DeVault – Vocals; Dennis Eggerton – Rhythm Guitar/Mandolin/Banjo/Harmonica; Sean Lotz – Lead Guitar; Dean Kastran – Bass and Wes Porter – Drums.

About the band: Dan DeVault and his wife Amanda started out by...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: John Dillon Hardy

Name of Band/Act: John Dillon Hardy

When did band form: 2016

Members: John Dillon Hardy

About the band: John Dillon Hardy has been a local Country music fixture since 1994, fronting bands that performed at countless venues and opened for a long list of national acts. Hardy currently performs with his own one-man...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Southern Cross

Name of Band/Act: Southern Cross

When did band form: 2017

Members: Ariel Petrella – Lead Vocals; Jeremy Fletcher – Guitar/Lead Vocals; Paul Hess – Guitar/Vocals; Brian Poston – Lead Guitar/Vocals; Bill Poston – Drums/Vocals and Keith Smith – Bass Guitar/Lead Vocals.

About the band: Southern Cross formed in January of this year, but...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Honky Tonk Angels

Name of Band/Act: Honky Tonk Angels

When did band form: 2015

Members: Charis Thorsell – Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Harmonica; Chelsea Bilbrey – Lead Guitar; Sabrina Johnson – Bass and Ellie May Kimevsky – Drums.

About the band:  Honky Tonk Angels founding member Charis Thorsell has been playing music across the country with bands and as a...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Midnight Riders Band

Name of Band/Act: Midnight Riders Band

When did band form: 2013

Members: John Dietrich – Lead Guitar/Fiddle/Vocals; Buddy Cunningham – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals; Lee Nichols – Bass Guitar/Vocals; Dave Thomas – Lead Guitar/Vocals and Dave Gaston – Drums/Vocals.

About the band: Midnight Riders band formed in 2013, but the members of the group have musical...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Country Redford

Name of Band/Act: Country Redford

When did band form: 2013

Members: Scott Redford – Lead vocals; Aaron Davis – Guitar/Vocals; Chris Preneta – Guitar/Vocals; Adam Davis – Bass Guitar; Thomas Clark – Drums/Vocals; Aaron Secor of Rockin’ Robin Productions – Lighting and Sound Engineer ; Jordan Wiser – Video/Photographer and Ginny Preneta;...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Wreck'n

Name of Band/Act: Wreck’n

When did band form: 2016

Members: Mike Masterson – Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar; Mark Cickavage – Guitars/Vocals; Bob Mason – Bass/Vocals; Minh Vannuyen – Keyboard/Synth/Banjo/Vocals; Carl Cickavage – Drums/Vocals and Chris Tulloch – Sound & Lighting Engineer.

About the band: Wreck’n may have only formed in August of 2016, but...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Chad Baker

Name of Band/Act: Chad Baker

When did band form: 2011

Members: Chad Baker -Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar; John Vorhies – Bass; Dave Rudolph – Lead Guitar and Doyle Rudolph – Drums.

About the band:  Chad Baker started singing at an early age and picked up strumming the six-string a few years later. By the...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Country Reign

Name of Band/Act: Country Reign

When did band form: 2016

Members: Justin Schrock-Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar; Melissa Wilson-Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar; Mark Simmons/Lead Guitar; Mike Wise/Bass and Mike Woolard/Drums.

About the band:  The Country Reign band may have formed less than a year ago, but the members of the group bring years of experience performing...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Post Road

Name of Band/Act: Post Road

When did band form: 2011

Members: Sarah Radcliff – Lead Vocals; Shawn Roland – Lead Vocals; Steve Radcliff – Guitar; Andrew Krakowski – Guitar/ Harmony Vocals; Dave Warner – Bass and Dave Vogrin – Drums.

About the band:  Post Road formed from what was to be a one-night show...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Ryan Michael & The Redneck Romeos

Name of Band/Act: Ryan Michael & The Redneck Romeos

When did band form: 2014

Members: Ryan Michael – Lead Vocals; Dave Rudolph – Guitar; Joe Moyer – Drums; Jim Mumford – Bass and Bill Litten – Soundman/Crew Chief.

About the band: Ryan Michael & The Redneck Romeos play high energy Top 40 Country...Read More »

Local Band Spotlight: Lincoln Way Band

Name of Band/Act: Lincoln Way Band

When did band form: 2013

Members: Denny Alexander – Lead Vocals/Guitar; Deana Alexander – Backup Vocals; Justin Snyder – Guitar/Vocals; Doctor Dave Drake – Keys/Bass/Vocals and Vince Carter – Drums.

About the band: Lincoln Way Band plays today’s popular Country hits as well as yesterday’s favorites. The...Read More »

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