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Video of Luke Combs Refunding 12-Year-Old for Concert Tickets


In one of the coolest moves ever, this video of Luke Combs shows him refunding money for a 12-year-old who was celebrating his birthday at Combs concert last Friday, (Sept. 2) during his show in Bangor, Maine.

Bo Fenderson and his friend, Tanner, wanted to see Combs perform in Bangor last weekend. So, the two stacked wood until they could pay for their $100 tickets.

The boys brought signs to hold which told of what they had to do in order to see Combs’ concert. When the singer noticed the signs, he sat down on the stage and began talking to the boys.

Combs then reached into his pocket and handed the boys $140 in cash, promising to get them the rest of the money they spent to see him when they took a tour backstage after the show.

Combs just keeps impressing with his kindness and generosity. The following night in Maine, Combs refunded the entire venue for their tickets, because he was hoarse and did not think he could perform at a level that people paid for. He then went on to entertain the crowd with free show for the next hour.

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