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Mark Leach Releases His Latest Single “She Don’t Go to Church”


Mark Leach is a self-proclaimed Eric Church fan and his latest single “She Don’t Go to Church” is an ode to many songs by the “Chief.” In the song Leach talks about the troubles of a relationship due to the divide of the love of Church. He interjects Church song titles into the song as a great play on words. Leach’s vocals are as strong as ever on the new release and hopefully will help him launch his career to even more success.

“She likes Alan and Waylon, Whitley and Tritt / She’ll drink a cold one on the weekend / Man I thought she was perfect / She don’t got to Church when she drops a dollar in the jukebox / Sinners like me he’s the first stop / Drink in my hand a little Jack Daniels / No she don’t sing along when the Chief comes on the radio.”

Leach officially releases his latest single “She Don’t Go to Church” this Friday, June 16 on iTunes and GooglePlay. To preorder the song on iTunes click Here.

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