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Post Road Releases Video for “Drinking for Two”


Post Road premiered their brand new video, “Drinking For Two” over the weekend to a sold-out crowd at Play Arcade in Mayfield Heights. The video represents the end of a journey that began in June of 2016 when lead singer, Shawn Roland’s brother Timmy was killed in a car accident. Guitarist Steve Radcliff began writing the song the day after Timmy’s death, but wanted to put a different spin on the story. Instead of telling the story of his death, the song focuses on the human tendency to blame God for allowing tragedies to happen.

The band began playing the song live last summer and it was met with tremendous response. In a short time, it has become a tradition at their shows to have a group of friends standing at the front of the stage holding their drinks high and honoring their lost loved ones.

Ben Schigel of Spider Studios heard the song live and approached the band about recording it and also doing a video. Instead of a doing a “story” video, Schigel suggested that given the powerful nature of the song, that the band should keep the video simple and just let the power of the words and music tell the story. The idea was to simply put the listener in a bar stool watching Post Road perform while remembering a lost loved one.

The interior scenes of the video were filmed at the Annex Bar in Solon and the exterior scenes were filmed at the County Line Saloon in Brecksville, Ohio.

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