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County Line Releases Lyric Video for “Lost In Love”


County Line has had their single “Lost In Love” available for streaming and download for the past couple of months. Now, the Ashland based country band has added a lyric video to help more people enjoy their new music.

The song was written by County Line member Josh Wireman, who took the idea from an event in his own life and something that anyone who has ever dated can probably relate with.

“I was in my truck with a girl that I had just started dating and we were on our way somewhere and just so happened to get lost,” Wireman confessed. “But the conversations and laughs we shared during that time made me realize how much I was falling for her. We didn’t care if we ever made it to where we were going because we were having so much fun, just driving around on random roads listening to music and just being in the moment with each other.”

Take a listen to the song in their new lyric video below and catch them performing it live when the return to Thirsty Cowboy in Medina on Saturday, February 24. The song is available for download at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and many more streaming services.

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