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Wasted Time


Writing this article gives me an online platform to introduce my audience to line dancing. I enjoy sharing stories about how much fun it is and how it has affected my life in a positive way. This month I want to talk to anyone out there who may be thinking about hiring a line dance instructor to teach at an event or party. I suggest that when you talk with the teacher you are considering, please be upfront with your expectations.

Several years ago, I was contacted to teach a group of line dancers so they could perform at a street fair where a local band would be playing. I asked if the person coordinating the event could get me a song list from the band. I was told they play “all original songs” and I was given a CD of the music.

Over a few days, I listened to the songs and chose line dances that the group already knew that would “fit” with each song. I did this so the group didn’t have to learn new dances, since they would be performing in front of a crowd. Over the course of a month, during weekly lessons, I practiced with this dedicated group using the dances I chose to go with the band’s original songs.

The day of the concert came, and my group was excited to dance; unfortunately, the event organizer didn’t plan on the size of the audience taking up the entire dance floor. Consequently, there was no room under the tent to dance, so we moved to the parking lot. It would have worked out, except that the band played all cover songs! They only played 1 out of the 16 original songs that we used to practice. The group danced to a lot of the cover songs, but they were disappointed that all their hard work practicing to the original song list was wasted time.

Recently, I received a message from someone who formerly took my lessons and asked if I was still teaching. I confirmed that I was, and she explained that her employer was looking to hire a line dance instructor for a party. I asked her where the party would be held, and she said that she “wasn’t allowed” to tell me. I thought that was odd, but I let it go and told her to ask her boss contact me.

Eventually, after some back and forth messaging, I received a phone call from the lady in charge of the party. I asked the location and when she told me, I pulled up the website online. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it is a nudist campground! Don’t misunderstand, I have nothing against nudists; I just don’t want to teach line dance at a “clothing optional” party. When I was first contacted, if I would have been informed of this stipulation, I would have politely declined and wouldn’t have wasted everyone’s time, including my own.

As a favor to any potential line dance instructor you may want to hire, please be honest from the beginning and save everyone’s time!

While thinking about my subject for this article, I heard the song “Unbelievable” by Diamond Rio. Here is the step sheet to the dance I learned to it a while ago; the choreographer uses a different song. It’s a great dance:


Dori Yez teaches Country Line Dancing at these Ohio SCOPE Centers: Howland on Monday evenings (True Beginners) and Wednesday evenings (Seasoned Beginners & Intermediate) plus the same level in Cortland on Friday afternoons. Depending on interest and availability, she may resume teaching lessons at Rolling Mills Bar & Grill in Girard, Ohio.

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