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William Michael Morgan Premieres “Vinyl” Video


If you’re a fan of a more traditional sounding Country Music, than William Michael Morgan and his latest single, “Vinyl” are gonna be just what you are looking for.

Morgan released the video for the song that is the title-track from his debut album. The sentimental take on love as music follows Morgan’s No. 1 single “I Met a Girl,” and the follow-up, “Missing.”

Morgan will be back in Northeast Ohio on January 19 at Thirsty Cowboy in Medina.

Morgan was interviewed by CMT about the song recently and had this to say… “Well, it’s just my favorite song because of what it says. I feel like it’s got that instant classic love song feel. Vinyl has been around forever and I feel like as strong as vinyl is and as long as it’s lasted, I feel like the love that we share is going to last as long. I feel like it’s a good message to get out there.”

Take a listen to “Vinyl” and let us know what you think.

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