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Woman Pays It Forward for Keith Urban at New Jersey Store


A New Jersey woman paid it forward for a man that she thought was down on his luck at a Wawa store in New Jersey. It turned out to be country music superstar, Keith Urban.

Ruth Reed was in line at the Wawa store in Medford, New Jersey when she realized the man in front of her couldn’t pay for his gas and groceries. So, she decided to pay for the man’s item, something she has done before at her local store.

When the man turned around to thank her, he introduced himself as Keith. Reed, remarked that he looked just like Keith Urban. He said, I am Keith Urban, which made her reply in a snippy tone, “Then where’s Nicole.”

Urban then turned to his bodyguard who confirmed that he was indeed the Australian country singer.

“It was then I realized what an idiot I was,” Reed said.

Urban was in New Jersey for his show in Camden last Friday night. It is still unclear the singer, who is reposrtedly worth $75 million needed help paying at the convenience store.

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