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Zach Bryan Dash Cam Arrest Video Released


The dash cam video of Zach Bryan being arrested in Oklahoma was released earlier today (Sept. 8). In the video Bryan can be seen approaching a vehicle carrying his security guard, that was pulled over for speeding in VinIta, Oklahoma. He is asked to get back into his truck by an officer, but refuses and is handcuffed and arrested.

“Bryan told (the trooper) that if he would let him out of the handcuffs that he would get back in his truck while also stating ‘If you don’t, it is going to be a mistake sir. I promise,'” the affidavit states. ‘This is why people do not like police officers,” Bryan added. His frustration sets in and he says F***ing cops are out of hand, truly.” Bryan tried to tell the copthat he is “a 24-year old kid” and was “being a smart ass and apologized immediately after.”

The security guard called Bryan’s father during the arrest, and the affidavit says the trooper spoke with him on the phone. He and Bryan told his father what had transpired.

“During the conversation, the father of Bryan stated that he would be calling the governor. The conversation was concluded shortly after that,” the affidavit states.

The trooper arrested Bryan on a complaint of obstruction of an officer and took him to the Craig County Jail. Online records show that Bryan was booked around 6:45 p.m.

Early Friday morning (Sept. 8), Bryan posted a video to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to give his account of the arrest.

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