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George Strait Sends a Message to Country Radio With His Latest Release


George Strait is the King of Country, but he isn’t playing it safe when it comes to taking on Country radio with his latest single “Kicked Outta Country” from his Strait Out Of The Box Part 2 box set.

Strait wrote the song with Jamey Johnson, and it was inspired by the singer-songwriter, who is critically acclaimed but has been getting the cold shoulder from Country radio lately.  Even though Strait has a record-breaking string of 60 No. 1 hits, his most recent album, 2015’s Cold Beer Conversation, got little attention from country radio, with no single from the project even making the Top 20.

Strait doesn’t pull any punches with the song that tells the story of an artist who doesn’t fit the Country radio format.

“I just got the news today, the record I sent them they threw it away / It don’t fit the format, don’t make the list / They said I’m too old, won’t even be missed,” Strait sings in the opening lines.

He goes on to sing about a list of Country’s legendary artists that were ignored by radio even though they were still producing some of the best music around the genre. But as he sings…”That ain’t the end of the story.”

“It don’t really matter, because I ain’t gonna change / ‘Cause getting kicked outta country didn’t hurt a thing,” Strait states at the end of the song.

The song “Kicked Outta Country” can be found on the Strait Out Of The Box Part 2 box set. The box set is a  56-track collection spanning 20 years (1996-2016) and includes 2 brand new songs, 18 choice album cuts, 36 hit singles including 26 #1 singles. Strait Out Of The Box Part 2 is available exclusively at Walmart. Long live the King!

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