Country Dancing

Review, and review again


As I’ve stated in previous articles, since I haven’t taught any lessons during the last eight months, I’ve tried to keep my line dance brain active with online classes and occasionally dancing at local venues. I must admit that I haven’t succeeded with remembering very many dances and need to review the step sheets more often than not!

Recently I was happy to hear that the Cortland SCOPE Center where I formerly taught is once again offering line dance classes and they invited me back to teach there! When I looked at my list of dances from earlier lessons, I realized that I could recall some; unfortunately, there were also several others that I could not.

This brain fail made me realize that I would not mind reviewing the steps for any of the dances that the students might request. In the past, sometimes I would wonder how some dancers could easily remember while others seemed to forget by the end of the lesson. I have now learned that it is very easy to forget everything if you don’t attend a class regularly or participate online.

Usually when I would hear a song on the radio that I’ve taught a line dance to, I would be able to recollect the steps. If I was in the process of driving, I would have to be careful to think about it while paying attention, first and foremost, to traffic and my surroundings. Over the past several months, I have opted to listen to classical music because it was simply too dangerous for me and other drivers on the road if I had a country station on and tried to figure out the dance to a particular song!

Here is the step sheet to one of the favorites from my Cortland SCOPE class, and I think the song is appropriate for returning to teach:

Why Don’t We Dance?

Dori Yez will be teaching Country Line Dancing at the Cortland Ohio SCOPE Center on Fridays starting in November. Possibly after the busy holiday season, she hopes to resume teaching lessons at Rolling Mills Bar in Girard, Ohio.

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