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Jo Dee Messina Reveals Cancer Diagnosis


JoDee Messina revealed in a letter on Facebook that she has been diagnosed with cancer. The note, signed by “Team JDM” rather than Messina herself, was posted on Wednesday morning (September 6).

According to the letter, Messina’s cancer diagnosis came recently, but a specific date was not given. The letter goes on to explain that it has been a trying summer for the country singer and she felt that her fans and followers, whom she has built a close relationship with, should know about her medical condition.

“As many of you know, Jo Dee is a believer who feels blessed to be surrounded by the love of God — a love that has brought her the inner peace. On her lowest of low days, she has been able to see God’s hand at work and feel His love as she continues her walk,” the letter reads. “It is because of our Father’s love that she has been able to find the beauty in the days that could have brought her the most fear, gratitude in moments that most would call unfair, and companionship during times she might feel the loneliest.”

The experience of being diagnosed with cancer for Messina, according to the letter, inspired a song called “Here,” written with producer Seth Mosley. “God is going to use her and her story to intercept people in their pain and remind them that He is near,” said Mosley

Messina, who turned 47 in August, has postponed all tour dates after October 7, though a treatment plan is not known. She will also be taking the fall semester off from her studies at The King’s University. Team JDM states that they will keep fans updated on her treatment and further diagnosis.

Messina released her self-titled debut album in 1996, and her last album Me, came in 2014. She has had many songs on the charts, but is best known for her hits “Heads Carolina, Tails California,” “I’m Alright” and “My Give a Damn’s Busted.”

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