Local Band Spotlight

Local Band Spotlight: Jacob Frish


Name of the Act: Jacob Frish

When did Act form: 2009

Members: Jacob Frish

About the Act: Jacob Frish started playing guitar and singing when he was only 8 years old and by the time he was 14 was performing out at gigs and writing music. After a few years, and writing numerous songs, he felt confident that he had something to offer. He then started to make things happen with his music and was invited to open for acts like Kansas and Dennis Deyoung. He continued to promote his music on radio stations and started to gain a following with his smooth voice and reflective style.

Frish has been performing shows in Northeast Ohio and earlier this year released his first single, “Til I Find You.” The song definitely gained him much attention and was added to the playlist at all Journey’s shoe stores and Starbucks nationwide. His achievements with his first song proved to him that it was time to take the opportunity to move to Nashville, which he did late last month.

The LaGrange, Ohio native will now work on his songwriting and singing career in Music City, but will travel back to our area for shows including one on Saturday, September 2 at The Odeon in Cleveland where he will open the show for national artist, Jacob Bryant.

Why you should see his show: Jacob Frish puts on a show that encompasses his voice and musical style in a way that draws in the crowd. His passion for the music shines through in his raw and very personal music. One listen and it is easy to tell that he is more than just a singer with a guitar, but an artist who has his own unique approach and shares his heartfelt music with the audience.

Websites/Socials/Videos: Follow Jacob Frish and get show updates on Facebook , or Twitter or on Instagram. He also has a Youtube channel where you can watch more of his videos from his original music and cover songs.

Upcoming Dates: Saturday, September 2 at The Odeon in Cleveland opening the show for Jacob Bryant.


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