Local Band Spotlight

Local Band Spotlight: Whiskey Bound


Name of Band/Act: Whiskey Bound

When did band form: March 2016

Members: Chris Grabbe – Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar/Keys/Harmonica; Dan Pyne – Lead & Back-Up Vocals/Lead & Rhythm Guitar/Keys; Steve Grabbe – Drums/Percussion/Back-Up Vocals; Cody Adkins – Lead & Rhythm Guitar.

About the band: Whiskey Bound is a Country & Southern Rock band that prides themselves on playing today’s best country with yesterday’s rock. The band has an appreciation for all types of music but you won’t hear any Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber. The band looks for music that creates an environment for drinking and dancing, so if the song meets that criteria, they might play it.  The group likes to entertain and provide a memorable time anywhere they play and work hard on their show to give folks something they want to come back to see time and time again.

The group has played a wide variety of venues ranging from the Dusty Armadillo in Rootstown and Thirsty Cowboy in Medina to the House of Blues in Cleveland and Crash-Ocolypse at Lake County Speedway. The Wooster based band plays shows at smaller venues too and always gives a wild and crazy show no matter where they are booked. The group has steadily been increasing their fan base over the past year, with live performances on various radio stations that have also helped them account for such an amazing fan base.

Why you should see their show: Whiskey Bound encourages people to come out and see them live because there is an energy that cannot be described in words that happens when they perform live. The band loves to work the crowd and seems to feed off of the energy from the crowd to help them put on one hell of a show. With a set list that has a large variety of music that appeals to just about anyone, you are truly “bound” to have a great time.

Videos/Music: You can watch videos of Whiskey Bound on their YouTube Channel Here. You can follow Whiskey Bound on Facebook Here, or on their website Here.

Upcoming Dates: Friday, February 3 at Thirsty Cowboy in Medina; Saturday, February 4 at Nashville Nights in Akron; Saturday, February 11 at the Whiskey Ranch in Green and Saturday, February 25 at Red Dog Saloon in East Sparta.

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