Local Band Spotlight

Local Band Spotlight: Buck Naked Band


Name of Band/Act: Buck Naked Band

When did band form: September 2011

Members: Kevin Evans – Vocals; Arene Manneh-Staszak – Vocals; Mario Evans – Guitar; Ryan Jennings – Bass; Ryan Jones – Guitar; Chris Wooding – Guitar; Brian Armstead – Drums.

About the band: The Buck Naked Band plays modern Country music and is a group that fans love to love.  The band works hard to create energetic, fun-loving, and fresh performances that never disappoint. Each of the members of the band love music, but what they love more is putting on a performance that the crowd loves and just can’t forget.  Tributes, celebrating special occasions, or just having ladies dance on stage for a song, they connect with their fans in a way that many try to duplicate.

The Akron based BNB plays huge variety of venues every year and reach many different audiences.  Each place brings a special vibe and the band plays off of that.  The group has headlined at many of Northeast Ohio’s premiere live music stages and will return to Tangier Entertainment Center in Akron for a special performance on January 28. Other notable headlining shows have included Rockin on the River, Lake Anna Park Concerts, Riverfront Concert Series, Canton Hall of Fame Concerts, and many more.  BNB really enjoys what they do and their stage show is evident of that. It doesn’t matter if you see them at a large venue or a small club, whatever the location BNB is gonna bring a great show.

Why you should see their show: Everyone in the audience at a BNB show is a member of the band.  When they are on stage, they are working for the audience, not themselves.  Being on stage and playing music is the easy part for any band.   Putting on a performance that fans and non-fans of country music can enjoy is the true challenge.  BNB loves to work the crowd and is always re-inventing parts of their show to keep it fresh for all who come to see them perform.

Videos/Music: You can watch BNB’s Topic YouTube Channel videos Here and their BNB YouTube Channel videos Here. You can follow BNB on Facebook Here, or on their website Here. You can purchase a copy of BNB’s album Here To Stay Here.

Upcoming Dates: Saturday, January 28 at Tangier Entertainment Center in Akron; Saturday, February 18 at Jerzee’s in Belden and Friday, March 3 at The Galaxy in Wadsworth – Cabin Fever Party.


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