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Luke Combs Refunds Tickets and Still Performs


Luke Combs has been delivering hit after hit since he made his debut on the country music charts. He has Platinum records, a slew of #1 hits and long list of awards. But, he never has forgotten his fans and tries to give back whenever he can. On Saturday night he gave everyone their money back for their tickets, and then went on to perform.

The country singer kicked off his fall leg of his Middle of Somewhere Tour this weekend with two shows at Maine Savings Amphitheater in Bangor, Maine, on Friday and Saturday night. The show on Friday was a rocket fueled kickoff to the leg of the tour, but it left Combs throat raw and his voice was hoarse as he met fans for the Saturday Meet & Greet before the show.

Later in the evening, the break between Mitchell Tenpenny and Combs’ set seemed to take longer than normal as he decided if he would still perform.


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But, Combs knew that even if he did perform the show would not be the same one that the crowd had paid for, so he gave everyone a refund. Every single ticket in the 15,000 seat venue was refunded in full, and then Combs went on to give it his all performing for close to an hour.

Combs was visibly sad that he could not perform to his full extent, and told the crowd:

“A few hours ago, I realized that I was not going to be able to sing as well as I normally do.

What I’ve decided to do is refund all your tickets, we’re gonna play… hold on a second, I’m just gonna need your help. We’re still gonna play the show.

But it’s not gonna be what I think it should be for you guys having to pay for it. So we’re gonna put on the best free show we can put on, and I want you guys to know how upset I am to tell you that.

But all I want you to know is that we’re gonna do the very damn best, I’m gonna give you everything that I have, and I’m so sorry… I’m so sorry.”

His act of refunding the tickets and then going on to perform was definitely not wasted on the folks who attended the show in Bangor. Many took to social media to profess their respect for what he did and to let him know that they would be donating the refunded money to charity.

His classy move to give the folks their money back was repeated over and over by his fans making the classy move to donate and even ask Combs to name a charity.

Combs most likely did more damage to his voice by performing for the crowd on Saturday night, but something tells me even knowing that, he would have still performed. Luckily the tour doesn’t have another date until September 16 & 17 at the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Plenty of time to rest that voice and then get back out there!

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