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Michael Stanley Day Celebrates a Man and His Music


Michael Stanley did a lot for the city he loved and Cleveland City Council declared today (March 25) Michael Stanley Day. The day also marks what would have been his 73 birthday, had he not succumbed to lung cancer earlier this month.

Part of the celebration of Michael Stanley Day will have city leaders gather at Rock Hall Plaza to remember Stanley. They will be joined by members of the Stanley family and band for an official proclamation scheduled for 10:15 am.

“I invite all Clevelanders to join me in remembering Mr. Stanley and his immense accomplishments. He will be missed,” Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said in a statement.

Throughout the day, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame plans to play Stanley’s music from speakers around the city and also have his memorabilia on display at the museum, and many local radio stations plan to honor him by playing “My Town” simultaneously at 10:30am.

While Stanley may have been a rocker, his music did cross genre’s and his influence on local musicians includes many of our favorite country music bands. He also had the honor of performing at Jamboree in the Hills, “The Superbowl of Country Music”, in Morristown, Ohio, in 2012.

Thank You Michael Stanley, not only for your music and and career in broadcasting in Cleveland, but for giving us all another reason to be proud to be from Northeast Ohio. You will be missed.

Watch the video of his performance and an interview at Jamboree in the Hills in 2012 below.

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