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Morgan Wallen Guest Stars in Drake’s New Video


Morgan Wallen makes a cameo in Drake’s latest music video for “You Broke My Heart.”

The video opens with the two seated at a table in a restaurant finishing up a meal and talking about failed relationships.The two then head out to their car, get in, and drive away. And that’s when the two women (Grace Matthews and Taylor Morris) enter the story. The two women have a detonator in hand and blow up Drake and Morgan as they drive away. The two women celebrate the explosion by dancing and singing to “You Broke My Heart,” not even stopping when the cops showed up.

“You Broke My Heart” appears on Drake’s latest album, For All the Dogs, which was released in October (and just appeared on Rolling Stone’s list of the 10 Best Rap Albums of 2023).

Morgan recently scored his 11th No. 1 single at Country Radio with ‘Everything I Love’. The song is the latest in a long line of chart-toppers from his 2023 project, One Thing At A Time.

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