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Morgan Wallen shares teaser of new song “Dangerous”


Morgan Wallen has been working on some new music this past week and shared a teaser of a song called “Dangerous” on Thursday (June 5).

Wallen’s latest trouble’s with the law on Memorial Day weekend may have been the inspiration for some of the lines in the song. “I could see me sittin’ in the back of the cop car, back of my head on a window,” he sings in the first verse. “I could see me slammin’ that last call shot glass, losin’ everything in my billfold. That’s what I do when I’m drinkin’ about you.”

Wallen co-wrote “Dangerous” with Ernest, who he also co-wrote another new song, “Wasted On You,” earlier in the week. The song, which Wallen shared on June 3 on Instagram was also written with Josh Thompson and Charlie Handsome.

While Wallen continues to post new music and news on his Instagram and Facebook pages, the 27-year-old singer has apparently deleted his Twitter account.

Take a listen to his latest song, “Dangerous” below.

Photo: CCM

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