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Parmalee Releases New Single “Sunday Morning”


If you were in attendance at Parmalee’s show at Thirsty Cowboy back in January you got the chance to hear a lot of the band’s new material. One of the song’s they sang that night, “Sunday Morning” is the lead-off song to their sophomore album which will be released later this year.

Co-written by Parmalee’s lead singer Matt Thomas, Ross Copperman and Josh Osborne, “Sunday Morning” gives you a glimpse at the band’s edgier side in this uptempo ballad about that special someone in your life that gives you peace in a crazy world.

“The song is about getting back to that one person who makes you feel easy—the one that brings the crazy down a notch. It’s kinda like waking up on a calm Sunday morning,” said Matt Thomas in a statement.

“Cause when I get lonely / you don’t have to get on my mind / Cause you’re already on it / And you touch me just in time / Making it all feel alright / slowing it all down just right / When I’m lost on a Saturday night / baby you save me just like Sunday morning,” Matt sings in the chorus.

Take a listen to “Sunday Morning” in Parmalee’s audio video of their latest release.

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