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Shania Twain to Perform New Material at Stagecoach


Shania Twain fans have been waiting for years to hear some of the singers new music. Wait no more. In a recent interview Twain stated that she would be breaking out some of the new stuff when she performs at the Stagecoach Festival in California on Saturday, April 29.

The Press-Enterprise, reported in a preview story on the festival that Twain will drop a few new tunes at her performance. The newspaper also stated that the album is due out in the fall, a change to what the Rolling Stone‘s February report that said it would release in May.

“I let the songwriting lead the way and let the stories go where they wanted to go,” Twain says of the album. “I wanted to make sure I nurtured the authenticity and the acoustic elements in the album … I wanted to be true to my influences and to myself, and, stylistically, it just ended up being very diverse from one song to the next.”

For Twain the new album will be “an exercise in independence,” explaining that it took “a huge leap of courage” for her to create the project alone, after working with her now-ex-husband, producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange, since 1995’s The Woman in Me.

“I just kept challenging myself,” Twain says, “and telling myself, ‘Okay, you’re going to write this album and we’ll find out what you’re made of these days.’”

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