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Shane Owens Brings Traditional Country to Thirsty Cowboy


Most country music you hear on the radio today is country rock, bro-country and pop country. But for Shane Owens traditional country music is what he grew up on, and what he plans to keep doing. His live shows are not only filled with his music, including songs from his Amerimonte Records album Where I’m Comin’ From, but he pays tribute to the artists that he has admired throughout his entire life.

“I grew up idolizing Randy (Travis) and Keith (Whitley), and so many others like Haggard and Jones. We’ll throw in a little bit of everything and we have a great band and a high-energy show. You never know what’s gonna happen next,” Owens explained in a phone interview from his home in Alabama.

Owens will bring his show to Thirsty Cowboy in Medina on Saturday, November 11, just one day after his 46th birthday. His traditional sound is enhanced by the members of his band, as well. With a former guitar player of Billy Joe Royal, a drummer who played with David Lee Murphy and T. Graham Brown and a keyboard player that spent twenty years with Alabama.

“I bring a band that is gonna blow ‘em away.”

Owens has been making a lasting impression with country fans, but he also received praise from one of his idols and executive producer on his Where I’m Comin’ From album, Randy Travis who said: “Shane brings it all…vocal, writing, performance, and passion. He has paid his dues, remained committed to traditional country and brings you a song with a heart and a story. To Shane, I gladly pass the baton…”

Travis also made a cameo in the video for the song “Country Never Goes Out Of Style.” The 2016 video (watch it below) was the first music video appearance for Travis since his stroke in 2013.

Other notable tracks from the album include “All The Beer In Alabama,” “Alcohol Of Fame” and his current top 20 hit, “19.”

Though “19” has been recorded by other singers, it is Owens’ baritone voice and emotion on the song that is making it a hit with lyrics that are reminders of what those protecting our country’s freedom face every day.

“I’ve played it 300-400 times and I still get goose bumps and I still get emotional when I deliver that song, cause it means so much to me and so many others. We’ve got so much support from our military and so many people across the country.”

Owens will definitely include “19” in his set at Thirsty Cowboy on Saturday night. As for the rest of the songs, well, that is probably only known by him and his band. But loyalty to the the authentic country sound is one thing that Owens does promise.

“A traditional sound that you don’t get to hear on the radio a lot, but you’re definitely gonna hear in my show.”

Shane Owens will be performing at Thirsty Cowboy in Medina along with special guest Matt Goodrich on Saturday, November 11. Doors open at 7pm; Goodrich will go on at 8:30pm and Owens at 10pm. Tickets are $7/Advance and $10/Day of Show and are available at

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