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Chris Knight Brings His Songs to Thirsty Cowboy


With a simple and plain spoken nature, Chris Knight steadily goes about his business of writing about for the working man and producing some of the finest songs in his genre. The singer/songwriter has recorded eight albums with hits like “Cry Lonely,” “It Ain’t Easy Being Me,” “The Jealous Kind” and “In the Mean Time.”

Knight will bring his songs about many of those who have lived life on the wrong side of the tracks to Thirsty Cowboy in Medina on Saturday, August 11 with special guest Curtis Grimes.

The Kentucky native spoke to CCM a little about his songwriting, his music and what folks can expect from his show.

You didn’t start writing songs until your mid 20’s and performing until you were thirty. Why didn’t you start earlier?
CK – “I caught fire in my mid-twenties. I started writing all of the time. It took a while to get my foot in the door in Nashville. It takes a while to get a publishing deal, and it takes a while to get a record deal. By the time all that came to be, I was going on 38 before my first record came out.”

How do you typically write a song? Do you have any process you go through?
CK – “Pick up a guitar. Hum a melody. I might have a line to start with or a melody. Then come up with a story and put it to music.”

You’ve had your songs covered by Randy Travis and John Anderson.
CK –Yes, when I think about that, it’s pretty cool. Montgomery Gentry has also covered my songs. I’ve had several high profile people cover my songs, people like Gary Allen.”

I’m sure it’s hard to pick one favorite, but of all of the songs you have written which are your favorites to perform?
CK – “That changes. Maybe “Enough Rope” and maybe “Little Victories.”

Are you always writing, and are you working on a new album?
CK – “I write when I have something to write about. I’m getting some songs together to record.”

What can you tell all of the folks who are coming to see at Thirsty Cowboy.
CK – “It will be me and my guitar player…an acoustic show. See you there.”

Chris Knight will be performing along with special guest Curtis Grimes on Saturday, August 11 at Thirsty Cowboy in Medina, Ohio. Doors open at 7pm; Grimes goes on at 8:30pm and Knight at 10pm. Tickets are $10 and available at or at the door.

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