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Chris Lane – The “Fix” is in with Girl Problems!


Chris Lane will release his debut album, Girl Problems! on August 5, the day before his performance at the WGAR Country Jam. The title for the album came to Lane after he realized that most of the songs seemed to have a common theme.

“While in the studio working on the album, I started to notice a trend … every song seemed to be about some type of ‘girl problem’,” Lane stated in a recent interview. “So it was only fitting to title the album Girl Problems!”

The album also includes his current single “Fix,” which has been making it’s way up the country singles chart and currently in the Top Ten, not to mention 19 million streams on Spotify and over 3 million views on Vevo. And, I’m sure it didn’t hurt that Selena Gomez called the song her new favorite in a recent radio interview.

Lane has shared a little about the backstory of “Fix,” which was actually inspired by his vocal performance. His producer, Joey Moi, (Nickelback, Jake Owen and Florida Georgia Line) overheard Lane singing a falsetto part from an Usher tune one day and told Lane it was the type of thing they needed to put on the new album.

“I was a little intimidated when I got into the vocal booth, because of the high falsetto parts,” he admits. “I was really just messing around when I did it, jokingly, in the studio.”

That moment in the recording studio on “Fix” changed the direction of the album as Moi and Lane started over. That little ‘joking around’ became the focus for most of the tracks on the album, Girl Problems!.

“We tried to use that falsetto — it’s not something that you hear a whole lot in country music, so we tried to use it as my thing,” Lane says. “I have a song that’s going to be on my full record … [that] has an all-falsetto chorus. I even put it in my set right now. It’s already a crowd favorite; people are into that one. It’s fun for me to see that, and it’s not even out yet.”

Though Lane’s music may not be traditional country, the singer did grow up listening to Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw. The former baseball star found himself as a performer after suffering a torn ACL. He was playing sets in his hometown that comprised mostly of covers, (he was obsessed with Keith Urban, Jason Aldean and Eric Church) occasionally performing a song or two of his own. When the crowd kept dancing, he knew that he was on to something.

Lane’s twin brother, Cory, plays drums for him, and the North Carolina native says that his career really is a family affair with his parents as proud of him playing music as they were when he played sports. “They were at every single game of my life. They aren’t able to come to all of the concerts, because I play all over the country now, but they are the most supportive people ever,” he adds.

Chris Lane will be performing at the WGAR Country Jam on Saturday, August 6 at Black River Landing in Lorain.

If you haven’t heard it yet, take a listen to Chris Lane’s “Fix,” from the Girl Problems! album.


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