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Erica Dawn Talks About “This Bottle”


Erica Dawn has been keeping things pretty much “under wraps” about her upcoming EP, This Bottle. She shared a little about the release and what she has learned since her first EP, Break Of Dawn was released last year.

The new EP will contain three songs that were written by her and Dustin Allen, and she stated that it will focus more on what music she see’s herself playing as an artist for years to come.

“This EP is much different,” she stated. “The Break of Dawn was literally the “break of Dawn.” It was me trying to figure out who I am as an artist. The past year has taught me alot about who I am and what my style is. I have settled on that and therefore, this EP is much different than my last one. I am very proud of this one.” Dawn then added, “There is one song on the EP that I am totally stoked about! Expect a lot of rock.”

Dawn started her journey as an artist and quickly rose on the local music scene. She has been performing at venues all over NE and Central Ohio and was invited to open for national touring acts Brooke Eden and Jacob Bryant.

With all of her success so far, we wondered if she had any goals for this year and the new EP. “My goal is to keep riding the wave and seeing where it takes me. I would love to see the EP take turns that I never imagined and allow me to grow as an artist, and I hope to see everyone fall just as much in love with the record as I have!”

She then added,” It’s starting out to be a crazy 2017! Stay connected and get excited!”

Erica Dawn will release her second EP, This Bottle at her release party on Saturday, April 29 at Legend’s Sports Pub & Grille in Green. Hard copies of the EP will be available at the Release Party. The EP will then be available to download at Midnight on that evening at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and GooglePlay.

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