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Zach Bryan Announces New Album Drops on August 25


Zach Bryan shared a post on Wednesday night (Aug. 9) that seemingly shows what may be the album cover for the singers highly anticipated album. The post simply states…. August 25.

Bryan has teased that the album would be called Writers and Fighters, but the simple cover of him smoking a cigarette has it as a self titled album.


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On Tuesday (Aug. 8) Bryan shared a post on Instagram – “Thank you @thelumineers. The admiration started when I was 16 and hasn’t stopped since. [I’ll] see you at the @pilgrimagefestival!!”

A little while after Bryan’s post was published, The Lumineers lead singer, Schultz reposted it on his own story, saying “[Zach Bryan], honored to do this sick tune with you. His album drops August 19!”

The Lumineers and Bryan collaborated on the song, “Spotless”.

Bryan has previously stated that the new album will only have 11 tracks, compared to the 34 that his platinum selling album American Heartbreak contained. Bryan also self-produced his album for the first time.

So, it looks like the new album may drop on August 25, but knowing Bryan and his history of cryptic messages, we will just start to get ready for a release no matter the date.

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