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Zach Bryan’s Next Album Expected on August 19


After months of speculation and teasers, Zach Bryan‘s new album may be out later this month, according to a post from The Lumineers front man, Wesley Schultz.

On Tuesday (Aug. 8) Bryan posted on Instagram – “Thank you @thelumineers. The admiration started when I was 16 and hasn’t stopped since. [I’ll] see you at the @pilgrimagefestival!!”

A little while after Bryan’s post was published, The Lumineers lead singer, Schultz reposted it on his own story, saying “[Zach Bryan], honored to do this sick tune with you. His album drops August 19!”

The news comes after Bryan was featured on The Joe Rogan Experience where he revealed that the unreleased song, “Tradesman”, would be included on the upcoming record, and we assume that this currently unnamed duet with The Lumineers will be somewhere on the track list, as well.

The expected name of Bryan’s next album is, Writers and Fighters. And although he has shared teaser after teaser of over 30 songs, it is still unclear what tracks will end up on the final cut of the record.

Bryan has mentioned that he is in his ‘quality over quantity’ stage, and that the new record will have eleven tracks.

Last month, Bryan tagged a song snippet with the caption, ‘Montana bound baby! Albums in August!’ which has led many fans to believe that he may be working two new projects, or possibly even a double-album. But, we can only speculate at this point and look forward to August 19, as hopefully a day for Zach Bryan fans to celebrate.

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