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Lee Brice Pays Tribute to Daryle Singletary


Lee Brice posted this video on his Facebook page yesterday in tribute to Daryle Singletary, who passed away on February 12 at the age of 46.

“I grew up listening to him, and he’s one of the greatest singers of all time,” Brice shares. “This was the first song I ever learned, when I was growing up, on guitar, so it’s still, to this day, one of my favorite songs.”

The song was “Old Violin,” a Johnny Paycheck song that Singletary covered for his 2002 album That’s Why I Sing This Way, a record full of country classics. Merle Haggard, Rhonda Vincent and more lent their voices to the project; “Old Violin” is the album’s final track and features Paycheck. On Saturday night (Feb. 10), Singletary ended his show with the song. It would be the last song he would ever perform.


Daryle had that country voice and some great hits including “Too Much Fun,” “Amen Kind of Love” and “I Let Her Lie.”

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