Local Band Spotlight

Local Band Spotlight: Tony Rio & Relentless


Name of Band/Act: Tony Rio & Relentless

When did band form: Over 10 years ago.

Members: Tony Rio –  Lead Vocals; Dave Rudolph – Lead Guitar; Joshua Lipply – Drums and Paul Lemaster – Bass.

About the band: Tony Rio & Relentless is a Country band that plays original music, Country favorites, and throw in a mix of music for everyone. The band has traveled all over the region and performed for showcases in Nashville. Tony Rio has recorded several CD’s with songs written by some of Nashville’s finest songwriters including Jeffrey Steele who has had number one hits with Tim Mcraw, Faith Hill and Montgomery Gentry. Tony’s live shows also caught the attention of Dan Mitchell, who has many credits as a songwriter and producer, which include writing “If You’re Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle In The Band)” for Alabama which was a number one hit single. Mitchell went on to produce alums for Tony which to date have sold more than 10,000 copies.

In 2010 Tony had a breakout year with his song “She Looks Like An Angel” from his third album Dance. The song received great reviews and was added on radio playlists from coast to coast.

Why you should see their show: There is a reason that Tony Rio & Relentless has been around for over a decade. Everyone loves Tony Rio live. When Tony hits the stage it’s an instant party atmosphere and everyone feels a part of the show. While on the road Tony and his band developed a knack for developing their brand of Country music through originals and a dynamic live show.

Tony Rio’s live shows have made him a very sought after entertainer and has been booked at some of the largest fairs and festivals in the state. The Akron based Tony Rio enjoys doing what he loves and never rests on his laurels, but instead is always looking for new ways to make his live show even better.

Videos/Music: You can watch Tony Rio’s Topic YouTube Channel videos Here and his Tony Rio YouTube Channel videos Here. You can follow Tony Rio & Relentless on Facebook Here, or on their website Here. Tony Rio’s music is available on iTunes, and Spotify, and CD’s are available at all shows, or you can order a physical CD at CDBaby.com.

Upcoming Dates: Saturday, January 14 at Nashville Nights in Akron; Friday, January 27 at Jerzee’s All American Bar & Grille Belden Village in Canton and Saturday, January 28 at Kickin’ Kountry in Bolivar.

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